Here are 10 tips or important to keep your jewelry in the best conditions so we can make use of the guarantee suggestions.

Daily use is primarily responsible for the parts suffer wear jewelry, so good conservation is the guarantee that they stay perfect.

01. Conservation
To avoid scratching the jewelry, it is recommended to keep them in their original case, without coming into contact with other jewelry.

02. Cleaning should be like a caress
We clean up our gold jewelry and silver with mild soap, soft brush and warm water. After rinsing with water and drying careful, the part is new.

Gold and silver can be oxidized in contact with air. This reaction may be accentuated by the action of Ph skin. As a result, gold adopts a reddish hue and blackened silver yellowness.

To clean your jewelry easily yourself with a nonabrasive cloth available in our Online Store

03. Diamonds and gems deserve delicate treatment
knocks on hard surfaces and extreme temperature changes should be avoided. The diamond is the hardest gem, yet is fragile; unlike other gems, it will not scratch, but it may break. Bracelets and
Rings with diamonds or other gems should be treated with special care because they are subject to daily and continuous use. Gems can have characteristics that make them unique and unrepeatable. small
Variations and inclusions, tiny traces of other minerals, which have the become exclusive.

04. Keep enemies at a distance
Any noble metal is attacked by mercury permanently, so we must avoid the slightest contact. If accidentally occur, it is urgent to contact us, so that the mercury is eliminated in the workshop and stop its deterioration. The gemstone jewelry glass and / or enamel are especially sensitive to chemicals. Cultured pearls and corals deserve special attention. They are of organic origin and can be attacked by cosmetics, lacquers and perfumes or
Colonies. To clean, damp cotton cloth and a drop of mild soap are most suitable.

05. White Gold
750/000 white gold or 18k is an alloy of fine gold, palladium and other metals.
Actual color is gray is necessary so give a final rhodium for white color characteristic. This rhodium finish applied to white gold wears out with use and touch.

We suggest contacting us and to get the piece regularly to our Online Store to apply it again rhodium finish. Thus, their white gold jewelry will always be like new.

06. Jewels to which they do not like water
It is not advisable to wet those jewels intertwined filaments or leather. also we do not recommend bathing or showering with them or clean them with water and soap. It is desirable to refer to a professional cleaning.

07. Electroforming. Intelligent gold
This latest generation method for the manufacture of pieces of jewelry get jewelry outstanding quality and high volume, with no welds. Precisely because of its volume and smooth surface is very important to protect the jewelry against accidental bumps and aggression.
Dvorah has pioneered this advanced technology but, precisely because of its uniqueness, we advise our clients to refrain from repairing these parts out of not authorized by the firm workshops.

08. Tuning
It is advisable to make a periodic review of the setting of gemstone jewelry, especially rings and bracelets and necklaces threading cultured pearls or gems.
In Dvorah we have a special service maintenance to keep your jewelry always in the best conditions.

09. Do not attempt to manipulate your jewelry
The jewelry should never be forced, twist, close or tighten. If you want to make any adjustments or modifications to Dvorah Canfield and our experts will be carried out in our workshops effectively and extreme care.

10. Certificate of Authenticity and warranty Dvorah
By acquiring a Dvorah jewel, we will deliver a certificate of authenticity by which certify the legitimacy of the product. The guarantee of a "job" well done has been a constant and an essential objective of Dvorah since its founding in 1977. "All Dvorah jewelry products meet the requirements established by law precious metals: Gold First Law (750 / 000) and Silver First Law (925/000).



In normal use warranty as precious jewels in 18k gold or gems 750/000 and will be for life in terms of legitimacy of the metals used and by use of a month from the time the product is received.

If the gem has manufacturing defect it will be replaced by an equal or similar value at no cost.

No stones or gems broken or cracked guaranteed due to misuse (see advice and care of jewels) as impact damage.

It is not guaranteed loss of color through contact with mercury or 18k gold case 750/000.

It is not guaranteed loss of colored gems by contact with perfumes or creams and chemicals that are abrasive.

Any concerns like the contact info is on our online store.